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2 DIY lip scrubs

IOur beauty editor Grace Mantjiu shares the best DIY lips scrubs to help you remove dead skin.
must-try concealers

10 must-try concealers

Try these concealers to diguise an uneven skin tone and hide dark marks.  
Shea Butter

REVIEW: Shea Butter

If you are thinking of using shea butter, then you need to read this.
make-up setting spray

3 best make-up setting sprays

Make-up setting sprays are going to be your best kept secret this season. If you have oily skin or just want to keep your...
best beauty buys under R100

5 best beauty buys under R100

We know that most beauty gems cost an arm and leg so we did some bargain hunting for you.
basic make-up brushes

7 basic make-up brushes you need to have

Here is a detailed guide on basic make-up brushes you need to have, and what they are for.

All you need to know about microneedling

We decided to take a deeper look at this transformational treatment.
benefits of tea tree oil

7 benefits of tea tree oil

Are you ready to start spring-cleaning, free yourself of the winter blues or just rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit? Then these hacks will...
nail painting hacks

6 nail painting hacks to make your life easier

We all love the look of perfectly manicured salon nails but find it impossible to do it at home. You actually end up with...

Apply volume lashes like a pro

Here's how to apply eyelashes the right way.
lipsticks to try this season

5 lipsticks to try this season

Which one is your fave?



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