Upscale dinner ideas with low cost pantry staples

If you are making a point of not heading off to the shop every time you need something, its likely that you have exhausted the bounds of your pantry and are not necessarily looking forward to your next meal. Never fear, you don’t have to eat another boring bowl of pasta. We have some great quick and easy recipes to help turn your pantry staples into something chic and delicious – certainly worthy of your every diminishing Instagram feed.

Tuna Quinoa Fishcakes

These golden patties are loaded with flavour and are made mostly of non-perishable ingredients right out of your pantry. The two main components are tinned tuna and dried quinoa which is a super grain and a sustainable ingredient – add a few more bits and bobs, and you have a delicious dinner, right out of the pantry.

Serve these on a silky bed of potato and butterbean mash or with a fresh, vibrant salad dressed with lashings of spicy citrus dressing.

Tomato, Chickpea and Feta Soup

Who doesn’t love a hearty soup to bring comfort on a chilly day? This pantry soup is based on a classic tomato soup but with a little twist. The addition of chickpeas and feta make a substantial and creamy addition to a delicious favourite – it is equal parts comforting and gourmet.

Serve it with a heel of crust sourdough bread layered with gleaming butter or with a crunchy garlic bread straight from the oven.

Lentil Bolognaise

This recipe substitutes minced beef for lentils, and you are going to love the results. The lentils are loaded with flavour and provide the perfect textural substitute for a classic beef protein. Making this recipe not only scrumptious but also a vegetarian dinner option for meat-free Mondays.

Serve it on a bed of zoodles (zucchini noodles) for a fresh and light alternative to traditional spaghetti.

Chilli Con Carne

If you have a punnet of mince in the freezer, this one is a cracker of a dish. It’s a crowd-pleaser and its pretty simple to make. From the pantry, you will use one tin of tomatoes, one tin of kidney beans and a KNORR Naturally Tasty Chilli Con Carne Recipe Mix.

Load the cooked mince over freshly cooked brown rice, seasoned with lime and coriander or with a bag of crunchy tortilla chips. Top it with a handful of grated cheese, some pickled jalapenos and a spoon of silky sour cream – and it’s your day made!

For these and more dinner recipes, take a look at what’s for dinner. We will help to give you the inspiration to make delicious food with healthy and sustainable ingredients.