Quick and tasty breakfast ideas

Quick and tasty breakfast ideas

Is the same-old meal getting you down? Then try some of these ideas to make the most important meal of the day as tasty as possible. Mix and match mouth-watering toppings on SPAR Freshline Multi-Seed Bread throughout the week to keep your breakfast fresh and delicious.

Try these delicious toppings:

  • French toast with banana and syrup or honey instead of the usual egg and toast.
  • Peanut butter and sliced strawberries works well as a sweet and savoury treat.
  • Toasted egg and cheese for a deliciously simple meal.
  • Cottage cheese with berries (blueberries or cranberries) for a healthy wake-up call.
  • Nut butter and banana, sprinkled with cinnamon is perfect for when the mornings are colder.
  • Sliced cucumber and hummus, sprinkled with sesame and linseeds for a crunchy and oh-so-tasty meal.
  • Ham, tomato and cheese remains scrumptious – especially when using mature Cheddar cheese.

Most of these toppings are also just as yummy on SPAR Freshline Croissants.

Great family treats

Treat your family to SPAR Freshline Waffles and Scotch Pancakes by adding toppings such as:

  • Syrup or honey, butter and sliced banana.
  • Peanut butter and sliced strawberries for a sweet and savoury mix.
  • Your favourite marmalade for a fresh and zingy taste.
  • Chocolate spread and crushed hazelnuts for those special mornings.
  • Berries with cream for a breakfast in bed for two.

More breakfast tips

  • Instead of eating plain oats with milk, try making overnight oats using your favourite yoghurt and fruit – delicious!
  • Create parfaits by spooning layers of seasonal fruit, granola and yoghurt in a glass. This is also great to serve your guests for breakfast or brunch along with the SPAR Freshline range of baked goods.

Indulge in SPAR Freshline Scotch Pancakes, Double Choc Scotch Pancakes, Apple Danish, Blueberry Danish, Waffles and much more.