How do you like your whisky?

Quintin Denyssen, the Gauteng Glenfiddich brand ambassador, gives us tips on the best ways to enjoy whisky.

1. Many people think that single malt means single cask – this is not true.

A single malt is defined as a whisky made from malted barley at a single distillery while a single cask has been aged in a single barrel.

2. Blends and single malts are not the same.

Blends tend to be much younger, and they contain whiskies from more than one distillery. They also have bolder flavours.

3. There are plenty of ways to enjoy whisky.

Drink it neat in a special nosing and tasting whisky glass that will hold the aroma in. This way, you get to explore the different notes. You should also add a few drops of water to unlock some of the hidden flavours. If it’s warm, add ice for a refreshing element even though this may affect the flavour. I usually recommend that if the whisky is strong for you, then you match the tasting notes with a mixer to adjust your palate. But, ultimately how you enjoy your whisky is up to you.

4. Finally, when choosing a whisky, remember that its character develops in the cask. Therefore, the older the whisky, the longer it’s been cared for, and the less of it there is to go around.