Impressive recipes to try this month.

3 impressive meals to try this month

Nothing screams comfort like great home cooking. It is equal parts tasty, simple and affordable. Find delicious inspiration with what will keep tummies full and faces smiling. Here are three impressive meal ideas to try at home that are delicious, simple and don’t cost too much to make:

A showstopping roast chicken

A classic roast chicken can be the ultimate comfort food if done right. Use a cook-in-bag for the simplest yet most delicious roast with a whole range of flavours – it’s an on-hand item that can be stored in the cupboard until you need it. For added flavour, cut a whole lemon in half and use it to stuff the cavity – it adds extra moisture and a lemony zing that’s hard to resist.

Pro Tip:

Serve your chicken with a heap of zesty lemon-roast potatoes and carrots. You can use the same pan to empty all the delicious juices from the bag into the veggies when you are ready to carve up your chicken.

Skillet Pizza

This one is a huge hit with the kids, so expect plenty of Friday night requests once you have tried it. Use a well-oiled cast-iron skillet to get the crunch underneath your pizza that a regular oven pan simply can’t give. Top your dough with tomato sauce, cheese and your choice of toppings and bake it for 30 minutes or until the cheese is melted and golden.

Pro Tip:

Premade bread dough is an absolute blessing when it comes to home-made pizzas because it cuts out 80% of the work. There is nothing easier than buying a bag of ready-made dough from your local supermarket to turn into a delicious home-made pizza.

Sloppy joes

To give a pot of leftover mince a new lease on life -what could be better than the tasty and always fun, sloppy joe. All you need is leftover mince Bolognese cooked according to your family preferences and a few rolls. Toast the buns, load with mince and serve to hungry family members. It’s that simple.

Pro tip:

To make your Bolognese go the extra mile, you can add a pack of soya mince without compromising on flavour. Serve the sloppy joes with coleslaw for a fresh veggie addition, and it can become the easiest Sunday night meal – never short of rave reviews.

All you need to make impressive home cooking easy, affordable and delicious are a few tips for saving money, some meal inspiration and the rest is up to you.

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