A Nutritious and Delicious Easter Feast


Don’t you just love a juicy piece of lamb or mutton meat, especially when it comes to special occasions! But did you know lamb and mutton meat, in the correct portion sizes, offers a wide variety of good quality nutrients to help our bodies cope with everyday life’s ups and downs? Here’s some of the many great things lamb and mutton has to offer.


Lamb and mutton meat contains the highest quality, complete proteins. This means it supplies your body with all essential amino acids that your body cannot produce on its own.


The Iron found in lamb and mutton meat is called “Heme Iron”, this is a form of iron that your body can absorb and use and helps prevent anaemia. Iron is extremely important in the diets of childbearing women and active individuals!


Vitamin A

Lamb and mutton organ meats, such as lamb liver, contains vitamin A in the form of retinol, which means the body can use it for a variety of important functions. Vitamin A is very important for eye health, reproduction and growth, and even a small portion of lamb or mutton organ meat can make a huge difference in your health!