The world is Riky Rick’s runway

Chu Suwannapha Riky Rick

Musician Riky Rick draws inspiration from runways around the world.

Recently he had tongues wagging and stole the show at the South African Music Awards which took place this past Saturday. We take a minute to learn more about the inspiration behind his outfit choice.


While many were left perplexed and quick to make jokes about his attire, we were intrigued to find more about the creative vision behind his decision. The design formed part of the collection of the internationally recognised Cape Town based designer Chu Suwannapha who owns the label Chulaap.

The collection, titled “Afro Joker” was from his A/W ‘18 CHULAAP by Chu Suwannapha collection which showcased at both the Arise fashion week in Nigeria and the SA menswear fashion week shows earlier this year. When asked about the decision to mask the model’s faces Chu explained that it was in attempt to keep the focus solely on his designs. His collection took the industry by storm with his innovative concept that it was featured in Vogue Italia. True to form and being a style maverick himself Riky Rick was inspired and chose to grace the red carpet of the SAMA’S in one of Chu’s designs.


Anyone who follows Riky Rick, also known as King Kotini because of his style, will know that when it comes to fashion he does not believe in following the crowd and quite honestly that is what we love most about him and what keeps him a talking point amongst fashionistas both locally and internationally. He commits to brave choices, and whether you love or hate them he has a knack of breaking the internet and topping the trending list on social media.

Although his look got mixed reviews which even lead to the #riyrickchallenge, what many of us missed is that style in its essence is about self-expression, breaking boundaries and thinking out of the box. One thing we can’t deny is that both Chu Suwannapha and Riky Rick are in a league of their own when it comes to style and we are waiting in anticipation for the next mind blowing move that either of them is going to serve us.