R Kelly’s 19 minute song “I admit ” causes a stir on social media 

R Kelly I admit it 19 minute song gets mixed reactions and causes a stir on social media

R Kelly has always been the king of controversy, just as much as he was at some point dubbed the king of R&B. His latest song “I admit” caused a major social media stir with some of his fans claiming it’s his “greatest song” ever, while critics showing contempt towards what they believe is an admission of guilt with a lack of remorse.

Some tweets implied R Kelly should be in jail and that “I admit ” confirms over two decades of allegations that he’s guilty of having inappropriate sexual relations with young women – this includes his marriage to singer Aaliyah, who was 15 years old while Kelly was 27 (the secret marriage was later annulled, allegedly by her parents once they found out). Most recently his ex-wife Andrea Kelly spoke about suffering abuse at his hands throughout their 13 year marriage, and before that two young women spoke about their experience of being held in what they called a “sex cult” Kelly is running.

For those who loved the song, they praised his courage for speaking up, saying it’s time he was forgiven and this is the greatest song they had ever heard

Industry peers and activists expressed their shock at his revelations, calling for him to face jail time and his career to come to an end.