Make the most of your tank


With the constant fluctuation of the petrol price, cash-strapped consumers will have to make the most of every tank.

“Poorly maintained vehicles and bad driving habits are the main culprits when it comes to high fuel consumption,” says Graham Craggs, spokesperson for Budget Insurance. “If you want to save and keep your car running for longer, investing in good maintenance and changing your driving habits to economy mode are essential.”

Here are tips for better fuel economy:

1. Service your car regularly.This will keep things such as spark plugs, brakes, fuel and air filters efficient. This leads to less fuel consumption.

2. Regularly check your wheel alignment.Bad wheel alignment causes more friction, which takes more power to overcome, resulting in higher fuel consumption.

3. Check for underinflated tyres. They increase resistance, which in turn increases fuel consumption.

4. Drive with closed windows. Open windows cause drag.

5. Remove unnecessary items from your car to decrease its weight. Additionally, consider driving with only half a tank of fuel if you live in the city.

6. Don’t speed. Drive at a normal speed to decrease the amount of fuel your car uses.

7. Avoid stop-starting. Maintain momentum by planning and looking ahead, flowing with traffic and timing your approaches to hills, traffic lights and crossings.

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8. Plan your trips. Do several tasks on one road trip as opposed to many short ones. This saves you mileage and fuel.

 9. Don’t use the air con unnecessarily. Switch it on for short periods of time.

10. Wait out the traffic.Battling through traffic not only increases fuel consumption but also the wear and tear on your car’s transmission and brakes.