How to stop your weaves from itching

How to stop your weaves from itching

Weaves, wigs and braids are great hairstyles, but that annoying itch isn’t. We show you how to get rid of that itchy sensation under your weave.

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“Pat your weave, ladies”, said Beyoncé. But that’s one rule from Queen Bey that we can break.

With these tips, you’ll never have to pat your weave again:

1. Care for your hair. The most obvious reason for an itchy scalp is dandruff. To treat this, make sure you wash, condition and oil your scalp before putting on a weave/braids. Use Head & Shoulders shampoo and ORS Coconut Oil Hair Food.

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2. Keep those extensions fresh. Another reason for that itch is the tight contraction of the skin and lack of moisture and fresh air, caused by braids and weaves. Apply directly to your scalp for instant relief. Also, note that it is important not to keep your extensions in for too long.

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