How to lay and slay your edges


Laying down your edges, slicking back your baby hairs – whatever you want to call it – can make your sleek ponytail or wig, puff or protective style look that much better.

Here are a few tips you need to keep in mind when laying and laying your edges with or without a wig:

  1. Make sure the mesh or lace of your wig is below your hairline.
  2. Keep your hair moisturized under that wig cap, oil your scalp with oils like almond and jojoba to avoid product build-up.
  3. Remember to add protein with Jamaican black castor oil and deep moisturise using a conditioning treatment every four to six weeks for strong and supple hair.
  4. Treat your baby hairs like you treat the rest of your hair. Let them breathe and wear them in their natural state every few days.
  5. If you use a heavy duty edge control or gel, spritz your baby hairs with water after use to remove any sticky and flaky residue.

These videos will make sure you know just how to lay and slay your edges with any hairstyle.

If you want to make sure your double bun look stays flawless, see how this vlogger shows you how to lay your edges and sleek them into this flawless style.

Wearing wigs isn’t a new trend, but it certainly has become more popular, with many women opting to wear them instead of sew-in weaves. However, the one problem we all face is the loss of edges or receding edges, especially if you lay out your frontal incorrectly.

Friction can cause hair loss and thinning on people who wear tight meshed or closed knitted wigs. Make sure your edges are laid down and protected, by watching this very informative video.

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