How to choose the perfect nude lip

How to choose the perfect nude lip

With over a dozen shades of nude available, selecting the perfect nude shade can become a challenge. If you choose a shade that is too dark for your skin, you run the risk of appearing extremely pale. Wear a shade that is too light, and your lip can look dull and washed-out. When searching for the perfect nude lip, you need to find a shade that complements the rest of your face and not one that just blends in.

Tshenolo Koloane, Senior Category Manager at Avon says that to find the right nude for your skin tone, you need to first identify your skin’s tone.

1. Cool tones. Cool skin tones can be linked to fair skin that burns easily and requires sunscreen often. Another sign is that the veins on the wrist are blue or purple. For this lighter skin tone, we suggest finding nude shades that have hints of pink. This will compliment your fairer skin and provide an elegant finish. 

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2. Warm tone. If your skin tans easily without getting sunburned, you are likely to have a medium-deep skin tone. Another sign of this tone is if the veins on your wrist are green or olive. Warm skin tones should usually opt for shades that are slightly darker than the lip. Find shades that boast a pinkish brown undertone.

3. Neutral tone. Do you have a darker skin tone that tends to rarely burn? Then your skin tone is more neutral. The veins on your wrist will also match the colour of your skin. Is this you? Then stay away from light nudes as this may cause your lips to look a bit washed-out. You want to focus on darker shades with red undertones.