Get off the couch

Get off the couch

Have you ever felt like your couch is covered in glue and you can’t get off of it for love or money. This article is for you. We all know that a healthy lifestyle is essential for longevity and a good quality of life, but it’s easier said than done when it comes time to doing our daily exercise routine. So the Flora Healthy Spreads team has come up with some ideas to help you off the couch and into better shape.

Take The Stairs: This is an obvious one. One we’ve been going on about for ages. But it works! Skip the lift or the elevator and take the stairs. You can even push yourself a bit by taking two or three steps at a time (depending on how long your legs are). You were going there anyways, so why not get your blood pumping while you’re at it.

Start A Walking Club At Work: Exercise can be a chore when you’re doing it alone. But when you’re in a crowd, moving feels less like punishment and more like a fun way to socialise. So why not grab a few mates at work and start a lunchtime walking club? All you’ll need is for everyone to bring their own takkies and maybe a fresh shirt and some deodorant. When your lunch break hits, grab your crew and hit the streets in and around your offices – and watch the hour fly by.

Do Your Own Housework: If you’re lucky enough to have access to a domestic helper, consider giving him or her a hand or their day off. It’s one constructive some exercise while cleaning your home. Sweeping the floor or doing a spring clean is a great way to burn some calories while getting in touch with your own home and the spots that you might have missed.

Walk To The Shops: Need bread and milk? Grab a backpack and get trundling to your closest shop. There is no better way than to explore your neighbourhood than by foot. Run an errand and get some exercise and fresh air at the same time.

And remember to refuel with nutritious food when you’re done. Here are some healthy South African recipes to help you out.