5 tips to maintain your car during the lockdown

tips to maintain your car during the lockdown

During the lockdown, most of us are staying home, and thus our cars are not being used. For the most part, vehicles would only be used for quick and necessary supply pick-ups.  It is, however, important to care for your car during this time, and maintain a few essential components, especially if it’s an older model.

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Imperial Aut shares 5 tips to maintain your car during the lockdown:

1. Take this opportunity to give your car a good clean – inside and out. Rope the family in and make it a fun activity

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2. If possible, park your car under cover while it’s not in use. If it must be parked out in the sun and you don’t have a cover for it, put sunshades or towels over the dashboard to protect it from the sun

3. Cover any air intakes with a cloth. And if the car is going to be standing for a good few weeks, you may consider stuffing a rag into the exhaust. (These measures will prevent bugs and unwanted critters getting in there)

4. If you have not started your vehicle since lockdown began –you should do so now. Start it every few days.  If you have an older vehicle you should consider disconnecting your battery to prevent it from draining

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5. Place cling wrap under the wiper blades. This prevents them from sticking to the windshield. (Don’t forget the rear wiper bladcarme)