5 minutes with The Treat founder Dany Gharzo

Dany Gharzo

If there is any way to complete an outfit, it’s by taking that trip to the beauty salon. Most people do their nails and hair every month. So, if you spend so much time at the salon, why not own it? Well, many people think it’s not that easy, but The Treat founder Dany Gharzo regularly makes that dream come true for most. She tells us how she managed to keep her business running for 17 years. By Grace Mantjiu

I started in 2002 with a waxing business. I made home-made sugar wax from the comfort of my home and rented a small stall to wax people’s eyebrows. It gradually grew from that to a point where I couldn’t handle the workload alone. Clients encouraged me to expand and give them an all-experience salon.

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The most challenging aspect of my business has been getting the right staff. Dealing with people is not an easy task. For instance, sometimes they don’t show up for work, so you must always have a plan B. It also took two years to start making money. So, it helps to be patient and not concentrate on making profit quickly.

Unlike most salons, no booking is required at The Treat. We have a first-come-first-serve policy, and that makes it convenient for clients to pop in whenever they can. The prices are affordable and the same across all the branches. The bonus is, we’re big on trends and always coming up with creative edgy nails.

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I didn’t plan to franchise my business when I opened it. When I started, it was never about the money. Quality service is in demand, and that’s what The Treat is about. But as the business grew, I realised the need to franchise. It costs R400 000 and it includes signage, equipment, stock for a month, training and social media support leading to opening day. This part is also not about the money; I have to make sure that you are the right fit for the brand.

My clients have been the biggest influence in how I’ve grown my business. They asked for a make-up range, and I delivered. I’m working on opening a training academy so that the franchise owners can employ from there instead of advertising externally. Watch the space!