4 tips to take your look from day to night

tips to take your look from day to night

Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to get dressed for an evening engagement after a long day. Rest assured it’s definitely possible with these quick tips to help you take your outfit from day to night.

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1. Change up your shoes. You can swap your regular shoes for a pair of stilettos for an instant outfit boost. Not only will heels make your legs look longer, but they’ll also add a stylish touch to your ensemble. You’ll get extra style points for shoes that boast a bold colour or metallic touch. We always keep a pair of heels in the boot of our car, just in case we’re invited out.

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2. Add some statement jewellery. A gorgeous piece of bling can definitely take your look to the next level. So swap your average accessories for a statement piece that’s sure to add some glamour to your look. Good choices include chandelier earrings or a bold jewelled necklace such as a choker or bib necklace.

3. Consider a completer piece. A completer piece usually adds another layer or an added touch of elegance to your outfit. It has the ability to transform your look too – think a jacket, belt or scarf. For instance, add a blazer to smarten up a basic outfit or wear a corset belt over a basic shift dress to define your waist.

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4. Switch up your hair and make-up. Your hair and make-up form an integral part of your look. Take your make-up from day to night by swapping out your regular lippy for a bold red hue or changing your eye-makeup to a smokier look. When it comes to your hair, pull it back into a messy bun for a chic look or tousle your tresses for a softer wavy style.

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