4-step hot oil treatment

4-step hot oil treatment for natural hair

Is your hair in dire need of some love? A hot oil treatment works wonders on both natural and relaxed hair. Its benefits include an increase in strength and moisture, treating breakage and frizz while also preventing split ends. Grace Mantjiu shows you how to do it from the comfort of your home.

Try this 4-step hot oil treatment:

Step 1. Mix all your oils, such as coconut or jojoba, in a bowl. The quantity depends on the length of your hair, but you have to thoroughly cover it with the mixture. To heat it, place the bowl inside a bigger one with hot water. Do not use the microwave because it destroys the nutrients and beneficial properties. It will also make the oil too hot, which will result in your scalp burning.

Tip: Use at least three to four different oils, but not more than that. Choose them according to your hair needs. For example, olive oil helps to prevent breakage and seal in moisture while castor oil nourishes and grows the hair.

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Step 2. Dampen your hair, and apply the oil. Make sure that you also apply to the scalp, massaging the mixture in. If you have long hair, section it into four parts so you can apply properly, and cover all of it.


Step 3. Put on a shower cap for 30–60 minutes to heat up the hair and enable deeper penetration of the oil. A shower cap is a perfect alternative to a hairdryer. But, don’t sleep with it overnight because it gets really messy. In addition to that, the oil works better when hot, so keeping it overnight defeats the point.

Tip: Show your scalp some love by massaging it before and after applying the oil. Not only is this a stress reliever, it helps to increase blood flow and promote healthy hair growth, too.

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Step 4. Rinse your hair with warm water to seal in the cuticles and lock in all that hot oil goodness. The hair never feels dry after this treatment, so a moisturiser won’t be necessary. But, carry on with your normal routine the following day.