4 mistakes everyone makes when applying concealer

mistakes everyone makes when applying concealer

If your concealer looks more like a badly cemented wall than smoothly finished skin, then head over here: we’ve got your ultimate concealer cheat sheet!

1. You’re applying it in the wrong order. The best way to apply concealer is to apply your foundation first, blend it in, and then apply concealer where needed. This way you ensure that it goes on where it’s needed, and in the exact quantity needed.

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2. You’re not applying the right amount. If you apply too little concealer, it’s not going to cover what you need it to cover – that one is pretty straightforward. Rather than apply a whole lot at once, use a layering approach: apply a little, let it set, then apply more if you need it.

3. You’re using the wrong techniques and tools. If you only remember one thing from this article on common concealer mistakes, it’s that concealer needs to be patted on, and never rubbed. Because concealer has a heavy and thick texture, patting it in helps to melt and blend it into the skin seamlessly. You don’t need specific tools for this – your ring fingers will work perfectly fine, and your body heat that goes along with it will help with the blending.

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4. You’re using the wrong shade or formula. If you’re adhering to all of the above and you’re still struggling, you need to rethink your actual concealer product. If you can see your concealer with the naked eye, you’re using the wrong shade. Concealer on your face should be the exact same shade as your skin and your foundation – you shouldn’t be able to see where you applied it. Concealer under your eyes can be half a shade lighter, but be careful with this as this can easily take on a grey cast that can make you look tired or gaunt.

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