4 hairstyles for short hair

hairstyles for short hair

Ran out of ideas on what to do with your short hair this season? You too can have cool looks, and these funky hairstyles will make sure you’re on trend! By Grace Mantjiu

 You have endless options to make the most of your hairstyle. Don’t undo the whole style – just add on to it!

 1. Fringe plaits

Give your plaits a twist this season. Do them from back to front, and create a blunt fringe. Play around with accessories, such as beads and embroidered thread.

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2. Faux locks bun. 

Add faux locks to create a messy bun. Then leave one or two strands to finish off the look. This hairdo is great for daytime occasions.

3. Revamped updo. 

Straight from work to a dinner date? Roll up the long hair inwards and secure it with pins. This creates a sophisticated updo. These are neat and perfect for night time, giving you a classic ladylike look.

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4. Glam it up. 

Plaits meet curly hair! This hairstyle is for those who want the best of both; it is versatile and suits most shapes of face.