When it’s time to end a friendship


It’s never easy to let go of a friend. However, when you feel someone no longer makes you happy, you must end the friendship.

By Boitumelo Mmakou

When a friend stops inspiring and supporting you, they start making you feel bad about who you are. They can be critical and spiteful, which can leave you emotionally drained. Life coach Adam Botha we all know when it’s time to let go of friendships that aren’t working anymore. Here’s some advice:

  1. Plan it out. Have a strategy of the conversation you want to have with your friend, and be certain of the outcome you want. Organise your thoughts so you can avoid saying the wrong words during your confrontation.

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2. Talk it out. Have a one-on-one conversation with your friend to address the problem directly. Work out a solution to the problem together. If you feel like you carry the friendship, tell them about it and make example of those times.

3. Don’t play the blame game. Do not blame the other person for your friendship being in jeopardy. Take responsibility for your faults before pointing out theirs. Should they be a good friend, they too will accept their mistakes.

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4. It may not be necessary. It’s not always essential to end a friendship when it becomes toxic, perhaps all your friend needs is a second chance. As your life goals and interests shift and change, so does your circle of friends. Not always seeing eye-to-eye does not mean you need to give up.