Your Relationship & Social Media


So you have found love and you are over the moon, and can’t wait to let everyone in your social network know. But, as awesome as this is, what will happen two or three months down the line if the relationship doesn’t work out?


Our copy editor, Patience Gumbo, offers 5 tips on how to conduct your relationship on social media.

Relationship status

There’s no need to change your status from ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship’ immediately after meeting your new beau. Rather give it a few months to stabilise your relationship, so you won’t have to change it back to ‘single’ in a few weeks if the relationship doesn’t turn out to be what you wanted.

Posting pictures

Being in love is such a great feeling, so much that we can’t wait for the world to see how in love we are. However, it’s best to cherish your first pics together by keeping them private. You don’t want your friends making you doubt your choice by comparing the two of you and making snide remarks about your new love. Besides, I have realised that men are a bit reserved when it comes to having their private life splashed all over social media; so you might just scare off the poor guy with this premature move.

Checking in

Letting the whole world know where you are and what you are doing with your new love may seem “cool”, but the truth is that it actually isn’t. Privacy is a very important component of any love affair, particularly if it’s still new. Treasure the moments spent with your boo without having to “check-in”and announcing your whereabouts.

Your posts

There is no need to turn to social media with your relationship issues – it just portrays immaturity and instability on your part. Whatever you write about your relationship makes people form an opinion of you and your sweetheart. So, make sure you do not make people look at your boo in the wrong way long after you have solved your issues.


Social media means we are now connected with different people from different backgrounds. Don’t be taken in by comments on your beau’s timeline or profile. As people, especially when you have just started a relationship, we tend to read too much in comments passed on social networks and scrutinising them for a hidden meaning, which may jeopardise your relationship. Rather, take every comment with a pinch of salt!