Mothers: Our Ride Or Die


A ride or die is a woman who sticks with you through thick and thin. She’s the person who loves when you least deserve it. These are the 5 reasons why your mom is the original ride or die.


With you since birth

Not only did she love you enough to give you life, she also stayed the course and raised you; no matter how tough parenthood is. Not once has she walked out on you. Think about how old you are this year and recognise that your mother has been your day one woman who’s never left.

Your strong soldier

We’ve all messed up, but mummy came to your defence and cleaned the mess like a pro. Of course she gives you a mouthful in private! Your friends might desert you when you’re fighting your toughest battle but mom will fight with you. The amazing thing is that she will always believe in your strength.

Loves you despite your flaws

Your mother knows every weak and indecent thing about you. Instead of judging you, she loves you despite everything. Mom loves you unconditionally. You will never find someone who loves you in your weakest moments and never uses them against you.

With you till death

She has been with you since birth and will stay with you until the end of time; she comes with a lifetime guarantee. Always remember that after you turn 18 she can legally walk out of your life, but she’s chosen not to and is still around until today.

Your life teacher

All that you know is because your mother either taught you, gave you the opportunity to learn or held your hand through life’s toughest challenges. Even as you became an adult, she continues to impart her wisdom to you and your children without charging you a cent or looking down on you because of it.