5 Types Of Friends To Stay Away From


The copycat

Girl, if you meet her, make a u-turn and do it fast. This girl will copy everything you do because she wants to be you. She steals your style, the way you talk, your hairstyles and even your social media behaviour. In the beginning, it will seem cute and you will feel great for inspiring her decisions, but eventually it will start to feel creepy and annoying because you want a friend with her own identity, who brings value to the friendship.

The walkover

Now this woman is dangerous. This type of friend likes everything you say, agrees with everything you do and never challenges you because according to her, you are the epitome of perfection. The perfect friend will show you support in everything you do but will let you know when you begin to mess things up. This kind of friend thinks everything you do is right even though we all know that we are not perfect. As much as we need loyalty and unrivaled support in our lives, we also need honest and a reality slap once in a while.

The under carpet hater

As the name suggests, she hates you. She might hate you because she doesn’t love herself, she views your success as a threat to her or she is just bitter and hateful. She will gossip about you as soon as you turn your back, date the men she knows you like, do everything in her power to sabotage your life and still smile and call you her friend.

Little Ms uppity

This is the irritating friend who just believes that she is better than you. She believes her life, beauty, boyfriend, career and entire existence is more important than you and will let you know it. She might not directly say it but you can feel it because she projects it. You don’t need people who make you feel less great than you are, so if she makes you feel bad about being you, then kick her out of her life.

The monster-in-law

She is actually a good friend because she has mothering qualities but she can be an absolute nightmare because she actually takes those qualities to the extreme. She shouts at you over the smallest mistakes, magnifies your wrongs and makes sure that you never repeat the same mistake again. This kind of friend thinks it’s her responsibility to put you in the right path, guide and protect you. The problem is that most of the time she feels like a monster-in -law who never sees the good in you. If you cannot negotiate a middle ground with her then walk away.