Woman buys bed from Shein so ‘you don’t have to’

When you thought you’d seen it all when it came to Shein hauls, one TikToker ordered a whole bed from the online shopping platform.

UK resident Shaks shared a video via her account of the piece of flatpack furniture after buying it on Shein. “I bought this bed from Shein so you don’t have to,” said the overlaying text on the video.

The post showed a picture from the website of what the bed is supposed to look like once assembled and then pans to the actual bed parts, still in its packaging.

@shaks6 be prepared to cuss two bad word but it worth it..😍😂 #SHEIN #sheinstyle #sheinhaul #sheinfurniture #review @SHEIN UK ♬ Translator – Vybz Kartel

Various bits and bobs can be seen strewn across the floor, including an instruction manual. After what must have been hours, Shaks gets the job done with the help of a friend.

What might have looked like an easy task ended up being a workout of sorts, with her admitting, “Be prepared to cuss two bad words but it’s worth it…”

The result was quite impressive as Shaks showed off her new bed, including remote-controlled lighting.

Fellow online users were impressed with the haul with the post gaining 730K likes. When online user Nika enquired about the same bed, she was disappointed to see it was sold out. Others complained the same model couldn’t be found on the app in South Africa.

The online marketplace has become the go-to for anything from clothing to homeware, so it came as no surprise when Dimpho hilariously asked: “Please let us know when they’re selling Omoda??”

Despite accusations of having a bad employer track record and inhuman working conditions, the e-commerce website and its rival Temu ship about 88 Boeing 777 freighters of cargo worldwide every day, according to Forbes.

Words: Fame Frenzy