6 Ways to know you need new towels


We all know that at some point, our trusty towels will need replacing. Whether they begin looking a little scraggily or they’re just not absorbing water like they used to, there are several ways to know when it’s time to replace your towels.

It’s time to replace your towels when:

1. They don’t absorb moisture

If your towels leave you feeling more damp than dry, it might be time for a new set. Another key sign that they’ve lost their absorption superpowers is if the water beads up on the towel’s surface instead of soaking into the fabric.

2. They smell musty

A tell-tale sign that your towels aren’t as absorbent anymore is if they begin to smell musty. If this musty odour lingers, even after you’ve thrown them into the washing machine, then it’s time for new towels.

3. They’ve lost their fluff

I don’t know about you, but rough towels are not the vibe. And it’s a clear indication that your towels may be on their last legs. Even worse, if your once fluffy towels now look like thin, pieces of cloth, they won’t work as well.

This usually happens after some time and plenty of use, when the towel’s fibres begin breaking down or compressing. While you can add some extra StaySoft to your next wash, there isn’t much you can do to save your towels at this point.

4. They hang onto stains

Sure, some stains tell tales, but your towels shouldn’t look like a modern art canvas! If Vanish or bleach does little to remove any stains, you guessed it – it’s time to retire them.

According to experts, stains not washing out is a sign that the towels have lost absorbency. Why? Because they’re not absorbing the detergent or rinsing out properly.

5. They take too long to dry out

If your towels hang out in the sun all day, but by bath time are still damp, it’s a sign that they’re ready to retire.

6. Your tumble dryer’s lint trap gets clogged

Rough, flat towels with little absorbency will often begin shedding when you pop them in the tumble dryer. While you might not think too much of it, if you suspect that your towels need replacing, check the lint trap, it might give you the sign you need!

How long do towels last?

There’s no right answer to this, as it depends on several factors, like the quality of the fabric and the type of washing detergent you use. But you should replace your towels anywhere between two to five years.

  • How to keep your towels fresher for longer?
  • Use mild laundry soap
  • Avoid StaySoft and other fabric softeners
  • Don’t overload your washing machine

Compiled by Jade McGee

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