You can follow your dreams, no matter what stands in your way

Nolo Seabi

Selimathunzi TV presenter and actress on Isithembiso, Nolo has become a household name. But, her journey in following her dream and passion has been a long and hard one.

Nolo realized early on that she liked entertaining people and wanted to be on TV, but it was only as she matured that it grew to be her passion. She worked hard, auditioning when she was still in grade six. However, she only landed her first job in her second year of studies.

A long road to a big break

“It took me eight years to get my big break and another five months to land the role of Palesa on Isithembiso. Too often you hear people say that it is difficult to get into showbiz and it honestly is. You start to question yourself because everything went so well (at the audition),” she says.

But, how was Nolo able to keep going to auditions and not give up?

Nolo says that, knowing that this was the road she needed to travel kept her going. “It’s either you push or fail, and I did not want to fail. So, instead of resisting the negative answer that I kept receiving from casting agencies, I accepted it because I believe that once you resist something, it gets tough to accept.”

Fighting against Stigma

Nolo says that starting her period in grade four was a scary experience. Being part of Kotex’s Period Or Not, She Can campaign, is therefore very important to her.

“Being able to educate people about periods, and debunking the myths that people carry is the reason why I chose to be a part of this campaign. Yes, I do have mood swings and I PMS, so what? It doesn’t control who and what I am capable of doing – I’m great and I Can,” she says.


The Kotex #PeriodOrNotSheCan campaign embraces the power of women of all ages, and encourages them to believe that they can do and achieve anything. They can follow their passion with confidence and pride without anything stopping them – not even that time of the month.

Motivational Journeys

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