Table Mountain is defs a heritage site you need to checkout

Table Mountain
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I first went to Table Mountain when I was still a child. As an adult, I had little recollection of what the experience was like. I decided to visit this iconic world-renowned tourist attraction because I wanted to see what the hype was all about. By Fundiswa Nkwanyana

First Impressions

My excitement started when we drove up a winding road towards Table Mountain. I could see a glimpse, with hikers walking up and down the mountain. As we got closer, I was intrigued by just how beautiful and big it was. I was glad that I made my visit during the off-peak season because I was told that the queues are very long during peak season. Upon arrival, a friendly staff member ushered me in and asked me to wait for the cableway that was on its way down.

Table Mountain

Riding the cableway

The ride up the mountain gave me a closer view of rock formations, flora and fauna alongside it. I loved that during the ride, the floor rotated, giving everyone a 360º view of the mountain without having to physically move, perfect for taking video clips and pictures. I enjoyed the short ride but wished that there were seating areas for the elderly people as they seemed uncomfortable standing up.

Table Mountain

The Summit

When the cableway reached the top, my eyes were met with sweeping and uninterrupted views of rock formations and crystal-clear blue skies. I took a leisurely walk on the pathways and absorbed the views of the city, beach and Robben Island. It was so peaceful, and I loved that there were plenty of seating areas to relax and take in the views. I enjoyed every moment on top of Table Mountain because I love scenic natural tourist attractions. It was a bit cold, so I bought a cup of tea at the convenient Table Mountain Cafe.

Table Mountain

Overall Experience

I will definitely return to Table Mountain because I now want to see the sunrise or sunset from the top, which I missed because I went there during the day. I was pleased that the tickets were fairly priced, considering that you can spend as much time as you want at the top. It was so refreshing and therapeutic to be surrounded by natural beauty. I walked away from this experience already envisioning my next visit because it was worth it.

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