REVIEW: The Botanicum Cafe & Grill

Botanicum Cafe Grill

As a Joburg resident, I was excited to visit the wealthy suburb of Constantia for the first time. I was eager to try out its eateries, and sip on wine while sitting in a classy outdoor cafe. We checked out The Botanicum Cafe & Grill, here’s what we think. By Fundiswa Nkwanyana

The Vibe

I specifically chose this restaurant because I often daydream about becoming a rich housewife, frequenting fancy eateries. And when I spotted ladies oozing wealth and sophistication, enjoying themselves at the restaurant, I asked for a table. I opted to sit outside because I wanted to enjoy the afternoon breeze even though the interior was elegantly decorated with green plants, quirky paintings and comfortable furniture that had a touch of gold and black. I arrived on a Thursday afternoon to find the eatery buzzing with patrons having meetings and catch-up sessions. The vibe was alluring and stylish.

On The Menu

I started off by ordering a glass of Merlot that had a soft wooden taste with a touch of sweetness; I really enjoyed it. I loved that the menu was easy to read and filled with recognisable dishes ranging from open sandwiches, wraps and pizzas to burgers, salads and steaks.

I ordered pan-fried line fish with summer green fricassee while my friends opted for seared yellowfin tuna with black pepper dressing served with rocket, fennel, red onion and apple. They also ordered pan-fried calamari with citrus, garlic and parsley plus fries on the side. When the food arrived, we were excited because it was warm and plated beautifully.

As my friends indulged in their meals with huge smiles on their faces, I sat there draining water gathered at the bottom of my plate. Because I was hungry and not looking to complain, I ate my fish, which turned out to be very bland. I ended up nibbling on what my friends had ordered, but found their food average and not memorable.

Overall Experience

I would go back to the Botanicum Cafe & Grill for the wine because it has a comprehensive wine list, which is the only thing I thoroughly enjoyed. I was attracted to the alluring aesthetic and vibe but disappointed with the food. I liked that the meals were fairly priced and the service was excellent.