5 ways you can reverse the right way

Photo by Godisable Jacob from Pexels

One of the least talked about causes of accidents are those that occur through unsafe reversing. Whether it’s running over pets and toddlers, bumping other cars, buildings or immovable objects or hitting and injuring pedestrians and cyclists.

Most often, the causes of accidents when reversing include the driver being unaware of their surroundings or using unsafe reversing techniques such as not properly adjusting side and rear-view mirrors, not sitting correctly, applying too much speed or not turning your car timeously or adjusting its angles correctly.

5 ways you can reverse the right way

In order to reverse safely, keep the following tips in mind:

1. Look into the mirror

Yes, you’re pretty sis, but your pretty self needs to use all available aids to make reversing safe. These include rear-view and side mirrors, parking sensors as well as reverse cameras.


2. Take it slow

Always reverse slowly and carefully, this will allow you to cautiously brake in time of a pet or human walks by as you’re reversing.

3. Be present

Pay attention to your surroundings. Ensure that you are on alert for any obstacles, oncoming cars, or anything that may interfere with you reversing safely.


4. Avoid distractions

Keep your mind on what you’re doing; don’t get distracted by passengers, music or your phone. If you’re on a call simply ask the person to hold on for a sec while you reverse, turn down the music if it’s loud and put down your phone, you shouldn’t have it anywhere near you when you’re driving.

5. Ask for help

Don’t be too proud to ask a passer-by or passenger to guide you. This is better than crashing! And if it’s a car guard, be nice and tip them. Additionally, keep in mind that reversing cars do not have right of way. So, if you see a car in your cross traffic, give the oncoming car right of way then go on about your day.

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