Tips For A Safe & Claim-Free Holiday


The month of April is a great opportunity to pack up and hit the road! Most of us take this time to travel far and wide for short getaways.


According to the Department of Transport, traffic is at a peak on all national routes and car accidents are increasing. Subsequently, there’s a spike in claims for vehicle and household insurance.

Wynand van Vuuren, general manager of the Legal Department at King Price, gives tips to consider for your car and home this holiday season, in order to ensure a relatively claim-free break.

Car Tips:

  • Schedule a routine check-up and ensure that your car is roadworthy. This will include having your tyres checked.
  • Check your insurance policy for what is and not included in your car insurance, for example, roadside assistance. Remember to have all emergency numbers on hand whilst travelling.

Home Tips:

  • Check your alarm to see if it’s in proper working condition and your alarm battery to confirm that it’s fully charged.
  • Make sure that the electric fencing around your house works.
  • Take extra care of portable goods such as your laptop and bicycle – ensure that they aren’t just insured under household insurance, but also under portable goods insurance.
  • Invest in timers that turn on your home lights for a few hours every evening, to give your home a ‘lived in’ look while you are away, or alternatively, ask a friend or family member to pop by for a quick check.
  • Unplug your television, computer, toaster oven and all your electronic equipment to protect them from power surges.
  • Switch off the geyser; flip the little switch that says ‘geyser’ on your main distribution board.