Fun Winter Activities


Winter is officially nearly one month away; it’s the season that almost everyone hates – unless you’re a winter baby! But, it shouldn’t be a dull season, here are things you can do to for a colourful winter.


We hate how winter affects everything – from our social life to our beauty routines. But have no fear because there are fun things to do for fun.

Spend time with your family

You’ve been splitting your time between friends and colleagues, and not spending enough time with your loved ones. Slow down: put the heater on, have a cup of coffee and watch DVDs with your children, or call your siblings in for a catch up session over a home-cooked meal.

Pamper yourself

Show yourself some love and be kinder to yourself. You will have lots of free time, so ignore those winter parties. Instead, spend your time taking luxurious baths or detoxing your body. You will be happier, relaxed and feel more beautiful.


A colleague once told me that in winter, we are less likely to notice our flaws, thanks to loose-fitting warm clothes or that we’re losing or gaining weight because your focus will be on staying warm. So, exercise for the fun of it! Even if it’s for 30 minutes each day, just do it and thank yourself later.


This is the perfect time to join or resurrect book clubs. Get your girls together and spend the day swapping and reviewing books indoors. If you’re like me and never have time for reading then you can use winter as catch up time for all those books you’ve always wanted to read.


Try different recipes; food that you’ve always dreamt of making. Now is the time to release your inner chef and because you would be already exercising, gaining weight won’t be an issue.