Important numbers to know during lockdown

useful lockdown contacts
useful lockdown contacts

As the lockdown continues there are some important numbers to know and have on hand.

If you, your loved ones or someone you know are at risk of or suffering domestic violence: Contact the GBV Command Centre: call 0800 428 428

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The GBV Command Centre also has a Skype Line (add “Helpme GBV” to your Skype contacts) & “Please Call Me” facility: *120*7867#.

If you are still working and your employer is not complying with regulations, the Department of Labour has a free sms hotline:

If you are a person with disabilities in need of help: SMS ‘help’ to 31531

If you know of a child in distress or danger: 08000 55 555

If you see or are sent fake news about COVID-19 you can report it:

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