How to overcome negative self talk

Some handy tips on how to counter negative self talk


Pastor George offers some sound advice on ways to challenge negative self-talk and listen to your inner voice.

This time of the year comes at a time when most of us are beginning to struggle with self-doubt and negative internal dialogue. Having sailed through the euphoria of the new year, we are suddenly faced with the harsh reality that many of the goals we thought we would achieve are suddenly looking even more distant than when the year started. Let’s look at some helpful steps that will get you out of your slump.


Firstly, revisit your stated dreams for the year. Look at successes, failures and areas needing adjustment and/or improvement. There may be things that you have gained better perspective on and some other things you may have decided to discard completely. Assumption is not a friend or ally in your journey of success.


Secondly, do not panic! You are not a failure even if you have not yet started working on your goals. It’s never too late to start working on your dreams and desires. So, do something, no matter how small, to further your dreams today. If you are already doing all you can; keep the effort going.


Thirdly and most importantly, remember that you have a spark of divinity in you because you came from God. If your mind and energy is in the right place, you can do all things. Do not sell yourself short by thinking negatively of yourself or your capacity to achieve. Whatever challenge you may be facing, you must know that you can overcome it.


Lastly, counter every negative thought with positive words. When thoughts bombard your mind, and prevent you from reaching your goals, respond differently by saying what you want to see happen. Keep speaking to yourself this way until all negative thoughts are replaced by positive ones of possibilities and empowerment. Negative thoughts can only be effectively dislodged by spoken words.

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