How to drive safely during protest action


Commuters are often advised to find alternate routes when there are reports of protest action near roads. Should you find yourself driving near protest action or in the middle of one, here are some tips by Vuyi Mpofu on how to drive safely during protest action:

  1. Watch 10 seconds ahead of your car so you can identify any changes in the environment you are driving in.
  2. Remain vigilant but also do your best to not engage the action, especially if the protest is violent and should that be unavoidable, remain calm and respectful.
  3. Keep an eye out for escape routes and edge slowly towards without causing added danger to the people around you.
  4. Keep someone updated of your location and the situation around you until you are clear of the danger.
  5. If the situation turns violent and you feel that you are in danger, unbuckle your seat belt so you can exit the car quickly if necessary.

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