Water Week


Water is important for our health and is needed for more than just quenching our thirst. Water Week, which is from 16 – 22 March, seeks to highlight the many things we rely on water on for our well-being.


Water is transport

Water is your body`s transporter, moving nutrients to where they are needed. Water helps to move the extra fat and toxins from unhealthy foods out of our body through sweat, urine and faeces. So water acts as a cleanser.

Aches and pains

In many instances, headaches and other pains are your body’s way of telling you that it’s dehydrated. Drinking water will help heal that pain so you can stay active and live a healthier life.


Your muscles and joints need to stay moisturised and cushioned in order to work properly and avoid creating friction. Your body allocates the places that need water the most and pumps it there after you drink a glass. Always drink water before, during and after exercising.

Kill the craving

At times we crave something to snack on which is a bad habit. Control your diet by drinking a glass of water before reaching for junk food.

Energy booster

In order to keep fit and healthy during exercise, you need to keep it fuelled up. Without water to transport nutrients around your body, your systems have to work overtime which leaves you tired most of the time.

Water keeps your skin young

Water helps keeps your skin moisturised, plumps it and fills out your wrinkles. Splash your face with cold water to help shrink the pores.