Rebuild Yourself


If you feel as though you don’t have the same energy you once had towards the things you love – such as your job or hobbies, certain family and friends and, in general, your social life – then it might be time to rebuild, renew and restore your motivation.


Make a change

Some people might find it difficult to deal with change, but you’ll find that actually going through with it can potentially free you. Start small if you feel you are not yet ready to take on a big change. You can start by cleaning the house, for instance, and creating a different mood in your space. Change the colours of your walls and bed sheets or even your hairstyle, if it helps you. It is when you let go of small attachments that you can finally become one with yourself.

Define success

We can sometimes get wrapped up in other people’s definition of success and become frustrated at ourselves when we cannot attain it. Think about the way you are living your life, the things you’re doing and what you still plan on doing in the future and decide whether these are in line with your true values and if the outcomes will make you happy. If not, redefine success and align your goals to the definition that fits you best.

Come to Terms with Failure

Failure has the potential to really set you back. However, it is not the end of the road; it is only the beginning of a new one. Do not let the feelings that come with failure discourage you from moving forward. Come to terms with the fact that you did not succeed at something, congratulate yourself for trying, then let it go. Start to think about whether you want to try again and if you do, go back into time and locate the exact point when it all went wrong, then fix that and move ahead.

Find the Things you love

You will find that when you do something you love, it gives you the will and the power to do the things you need to do. Find out what it is that you love to do and schedule it in your day – every day. If you love to read a book, for instance, make sure that every day, you take the time to read a chapter of a chosen book. This is effective because it will fulfil your longing to do the things you may never have the time for, while also making you happy and energised.

Take Time out

Take some time out from your routine to relax. You can go to a spa, go camping or drive to a quiet place so you can be alone and stress free. Sometimes, all our bodies need in order to recharge is a break. Listen to the signals your body is sending you and take action towards making things right. You will have a fresh head on your shoulders in no time and be better equipped to take on life’s challenges without fear or doubt.