New Year’s Resolutions


With the year coming to an end, New Year’s resolutions are probably what’s next on the radar. To help you avoid an inevitable bad fate for your resolutions, here are a few pointers to reach your goals and stick to your objectives throughout the year.


Write it down, put it up

Put your goals in writing to make them mean more to you. It has been proven – through studies done by multiple groups of psychologists – that the physical act of writing helps retain memory. Write your goal on a piece of paper and stick it up on your wall. You can also supplement your written note with visual representations of the end goal that will stimulate your imagination and motivate you to work towards it.

Tell a friend

Telling someone your goals is effective in that it will help make you accountable and keep you on track. Friends will often ask you for feedback on the goals when catching up; and naturally, we want to seem organised and on top of things when we interact with other people, especially friends. Therefore, sharing your goals with friends can work as a strategy to avoid failure.

Start today

Truth is, you shouldn’t have to procrastinate goals. If you want to start losing weight, start today by making small changes in your diet and lifestyle habits. It will be much easier to tackle the initial goal if you have already started somewhere. You do not want to overwhelm yourself or put pressure on your body to achieve massive results in a short space of time. Start making small changes today to avoid the risk of giving up.

Every goal has objectives

To make it easier for yourself, do not just set goals, but set up a list of objectives too. Objectives are small actions and steps that are aimed towards reaching the ultimate goal. These are great because they are focused on step-by-step actions that you can cross out after you have done, which will also boost your energy and self-esteem. Reward yourself each time you get closer to your goal.

Picture the end

There is nothing that should fuel you more than the end result. Picture yourself after you have achieved your goal. Imagine the feeling you will have; picture yourself having not achieved your goal and the feelings that will result from that. Failure to achieve goals can range from disappointment, sadness and inadequacy. Work tirelessly to avoid these haunting feelings.