5 tips for choosing the right workout gear

tips for choosing the right workout gear

When working out, the exercises you do are not the only thing that can harm you. Wearing the right exercising clothing is also important for your health.

Workouts of any kind create perspiration that proper workout clothing can absorb from your skin and help prevent infections and unhealthy fungus. Here are 5 tips for choosing the right workout gear:

1. Underwear. Choose underwear that stretches to allow you to move with your body as you work out. Also look for no-sew designs to prevent chafing.

2. Underwear material. Avoid wearing underwear made from cotton material. This is because it soaks up sweat, but doesn’t allow your skin to breathe. Opt for nylon, spandex or elastane as they are comfortable, allow the skin to breathe and absorb the sweat on your skin.

3. The Correct Bra. Your cup size will determine the sports bra you should wear when working out. Your chest has muscles and connective tissue known as Cooper`s ligaments, which hold up the breasts and give them shape. These muscles do not shrink to the original position if stretched. Wearing the correct sports bra will protect, and reduce stress and stretching on your breasts.


  • Your sports bra should be tighter than a regular bra, but not press your breasts against your chest.
  • The straps should not dig into your shoulders.
  • When you raise your hand and the bottom strap moves up against your ribcage, then it’s too big.

4. Tops. Depending on your workout, your top should be loose-fitting to allow you to move with ease; but not reveal your body. Your natural thought is to wear as less clothing as possible when working out, in order to stay cool, but covering up has more benefits. Wearing a long-sleeved top keeps your muscles and joints warm, which will improve the way your body functions during your workout. This helps prevent tearing or straining of muscles. To top it all, your body will sweat extra, helping you to burn more calories.

5. Pants. Whether you choose tracksuit pants or shorts, length and fit is an important element for your workout. Loose-fitting pants usually get in the way of your legs or exercise equipment. Long pants should not sit lower than your ankles to avoid tripping over them.