Crazy in love: 3 women tell us how love pushed them over the edge


Being madly in love can sometimes make you do the unthinkable if things don’t go your way. These women share their story.

By Zukiswa Dlamini

1. Mistress Madness

I had an affair with a married man. I really believed that we had something special, even though everyone warned me that it was a bad idea. After being together for two years it became clear that he was never going to leave his wife. I started stalking her on Facebook to see what her life was like. All her posts looked exciting and she seemed happy with her husband, my boyfriend. I was infuriated by her happiness and eventually called her, telling her about the affair. She asked for us to meet at a hotel. When I got there she and her sister beat me up. To add to my misery, my boyfriend dumped me and told me to never bother his “queen”.  Now I know to stay away from a married man – Anonymous

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2. Braai Extinguisher

My ex-boyfriend and I used to live together, and he enjoyed having people over. One Saturday, after a particularly difficult week.  I came home to find men drinking beer and braaing meat. All I wanted was silence and to spend quality time with my man, but it seemed like his friends were more of a priority for him. I tried to keep calm, but as I sat in the bedroom they were laughing and having a good time, and it made me feel like a fool. Something inside me snapped and I poured a bucket full of water over their braai meat. Everyone went silent and within minutes our house had cleared out. It wasn’t my proudest moment but the incident taught me to never keep my feelings bottled up – Zanele Bhengu

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3. Straight to the dumpster

I once dated a man who cheated me on a number of occasions. I thought he would eventually grow out of it, but he didn’t. One long weekend he disappeared on a Friday and was still not back by Sunday. I knew I could no longer spend my life waiting for him. On the Sunday I packed his clothes neatly and piled them outside. By the time he got home later that night the security guard had helped themselves to some of his things, and when he started shouting at me, they helped get him out of the house. He left with pretty much nothing, and I had to do something to mend my broken heart. I learnt to never waste time on someone who clearly does not care about me – Dimakatso Tema