7 tips for a safe and successful road trip

tips for a safe and successful road trip

Going on a road trip this long weekend? You need to make sure that you follow some safety precautions for you and your family.

Layton Beard from the Automobile Association (AA) and he shared 7 tips for a safe and successful road trip:

1. Know your destination. It’s important to know where you will be travelling and the route to help you get there and back.

2. Manage your time. Before going on any trip, you must decide on the time of the day you are most comfortable travelling in. If you can’t drive in the night time, you have to leave early so that you can get to your destination before it gets dark outside.

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3. Rest. It’s important to take breaks. Don’t drive when you are tired, take breaks preferably every 2 hours. Grab something to eat, get fresh air and stretch your legs.

4. Service your car. Ensure that your car is in sound condition. All lights, indicators, windscreens, wipers, brakes, steering wheels, shock absorbers, exhaust systems and tires should be properly checked. Check that the engine, oil, brake fluids and windscreen washer fluid are topped up. Also check the condition of the battery and if necessary, have the battery recharged or replaced.

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5. Follow the rules of the road. You and your passengers should always have your safety belts on. If you are travelling with a baby, ensure the the car seat is safe and approved. Always drive within the speed limit and don’t drink and drive.

6. Pay attention. Be attentive when driving and avoid using your phone while you’re behind the wheel.  Also keep an eye out for pedestrians.

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7. Be relaxed. Keep calm and keep a safe distance between yourself and other drivers, refrain from losing your cool with other motorists.