6 must-have vegetables and herbs that flourish in containers

must-have vegetables and herbs that flourish in containers

Living in an apartment without a garden? Want to grow veggies but just “don’t have space”? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s all you need to know about growing veggies when you don’t have a garden.

Room to grow

First things first, if your apartment or flat boasts a balcony or small patio, you have more than enough “room” to work with.

Invest in clever containers, suited to what it is you’ll be planting (more on this below). By setting up your new veggie garden, you’ll not only have loads of delicious, homegrown veg on hand, you’ll also improve your living space.

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What to grow?

This is where you decide on what it is you’ll be planting. The obvious choice would be to plant veggies and herbs you often eat and cook with. Another consideration is that some herbs keep pesky bugs away (mosquitoes don’t like peppermint, basil or lavender), while others (like chives, parsley, and thyme) attract pollinating insects you want around.

What’s more, veggies come in smaller sizes now, perfect for container gardening! Think baby aubergines, tiny pumpkins and a whole spread of small tomatoes to choose from. Just head to your nearest nursery to see what they have on offer.

Our must-have vegetables and herbs that flourish in containers

1. Mint does well in containers, and so does oregano. Top tip: make sure the container is deep enough (at least 25 centimetres) and don’t interplant these herbs with others. They spread like wildfire and will take over a whole container in no time.

2. Tomato plants need to be supported, so add a pretty climbing frame around the plant and see it flourish. Choosing a deep container is best, along the lines of 30 centimetres should suffice.

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3. Lettuce grows easily in containers, in fact, so do most leafy veggies. Whether you’re a kale, spinach or cabbage type of person, just take your pick.

4. Peppers and chillies will keep gifting you with fruit if they get enough sunshine and proper plant food. They’ll also add bright colour to your space.

5. Radishes grow quickly, even in smaller containers! The larger the container, the larger the radish will be. Make sure to leave about 7 centimetres between the plants.

6. Cucumbers, although thirsty sun-lovers, can easily be grown in containers. Add a trellis to a medium to large sized pot and watch them climb.

Don’t forget food and water

Because your veggies are in containers you’ll need to give them a little more TLC than they need if they’re planted in the ground. Water them frequently as they can dry out very quickly in summer, and fertilise them regularly to ensure a good crop.

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What if you don’t have a patio?

Don’t despair, you can still grow a few veggies on a very sunny windowsill. Herbs, lettuce and chillies will grow well indoors as well. Choose the sunniest spot possible and you’ll be well on your way.

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