5 ways to declutter your space

ways to declutter your space

As we countdown the end of the lockdown and before you start making new plans, we hope to help you declutter your space. You have made this far and now it’s time to clear out the old make space for new beginnings.

Here are 5 ways to declutter your space:

1. Write it down. Making a list of all the things you plan to keep will give you a great idea as to what you don’t want. It would also help to make a list of where in the house you will begin to declutter (from closet space, to bedroom floor).

2. Don’t be a hoarder! When packing, you can only really call it decluttering if you are getting rid of the things you don’t need. If you have not used an item for a year, then chances are you probably do not need it, so lose it.

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3. Be seasonal. Working with the season you are in gives you a quick guide in knowing what to put away. Right now we’re in summer and that coat you wore throughout the winter should probably be put away to provide room for the summer dresses.

4. Box things up. Having a box with labels on them is a neat way to declutter your home. You could have a box for all your shoes so you know where to find them. To make this a fun project you can get decorated and different size boxes for each part of your house.

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5. Make time. Manage your time well by setting a schedule for each part of the house or room you want to be cleared up. Be patient with yourself and work things out carefully.