3 must-visit spots in Mpumalanga

must-visit spots in Mpumalanga

Our features writer Fundiswa Nkwanyana tells us about the tourist attractions she enjoyed during her memorable visit to this beautiful province.

I was intrigued and excited when Sho’t Left invited me to explore Mpumalanga with the award-winning musician Cassper Nyovest and his friends. This was part of the Move with Cassper Campaign. The action-packed itinerary had me excited and nervous because I love sightseeing, but I’m not a fan of tourist attractions that push me out of my comfort zone.  However, considering that 2020 is my year of yes, I went on this trip with an open mind. And, I was ready to take part in all the activities. Here are some of the highlights of my trip.

Long Tom Toboggan at Misty Mountain

This exhilarating ride had me fearing for my life. It is located on the mountainous countryside on the panorama route. The 1.7-kilometre track ride twists and turns at a high speed through a forest that is surrounded by picturesque mountains. I was nervous when I had to board the hazardous looking cart that reached a speed of 45 kilometres an hour. Once onboard, I felt at ease because it’s stable and has a seatbelt. The views from the cart, as it sped through the mountainous forest, were beautiful and I even forgot that I was twisting and turning at a high speed on a small cart. Visit them here to book your ride.

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Lone Creek Falls in Sabie

I love nature, and when we arrived, I couldn’t hold my excitement as I walked on the paved walkways through the indigenous lush green forest towards the waterfall. As I got closer, the sound of the plummeting water got louder, and when I finally saw the mesmerizing waterfall, I couldn’t’ stop staring because it’s so beautiful. I preferred to watch it from a distance while Cassper and his friends stood by the rocks, dipping their feet in the water, which they said was very cold. It was fun to watch them take pictures while singing and dancing. I loved that it’s easily accessible with an option to see it from different viewing points. There was also no fencing around the waterfall, and you can get as close as you want. However, it is muddy, so I suggest you wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to walk around and indulge in uninterrupted views. Entrance is only R30 per person, and there is no limit to how much time you can spend there during your day visit.

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Graskop Gorge Lift Company

I was distracted by the breathtaking views of the gorge and forest that for a second I forgot that this place is home to the world’s highest cable gorge swing; a zipline where you can fly across the gorge on a 130 metre high-wire and a suspension bridge. It’s the perfect spot for adrenaline junkies, and it’s conveniently located on the panorama route, which makes it easily accessible. I thought I was ready to go on the big swing until I was strapped up and saw how far the 70 metre jump really is. I was a nervous wreck as I walked towards it, but it helped that music was playing while Cassper and his friends danced and made jokes. You really do need supportive people around you to lighten up the mood because it gets very tense and scary. To my surprise, the free fall from my jump was a blur. All I remember was opening my eyes and seeing beautiful cliffs, a waterfall and the forest. But, all this came to an abrupt end when I felt a sharp pain and uncomfortable tightness from the safety harnesses, strapped around my waist. Even though I enjoyed this jump, I will never do it again because once was enough for me. For more information visit them here.

Stand a chance to join the Move with Cassper Campaign, and explore a province with Cassper and his friends. Visit Sho’t Left’s Instagram page for competition details.