Colour coded, Red hair


This awards season, the stars’ hair is matching the colour of the red carpet! Lady X has been seen sporting red dreadlocks while dancer/choreographer Khabonina Qubakha has a red weave. Beauty writer Keletso Modisakeng shows us how to rock the red hair trend.

Rocking the trend

Your natural hair is as versatile as your relaxed hair and hair extensions with some red colour added to it. Dyeing your hair has less to do with the texture but more to do with porosity (the ability to hold the colour and moisture). Dyeing your hair involves chemicals that may damage your hair so choose your products wisely to ensure your hair stays healthy. The best option to colour your hair is using a temporary hair dye like Tema. A temporary hair colour puts the layers of colour on top of your hand strands and will fade after few weeks.


Red hair extensions as seen on Lady X and Khabonina

The two different types of extensions are artificial and human hair. You can buy ready coloured artificial hair as you cannot be dyed as it does not have strands that can hold the colour. Human hair extensions can be coloured.

Wash and boost

Colour enhance shampoos are a great way to boost your existing colour hair colour but not change colour. The best colour enhancers will maintain your colour over time by leaving the perfect balance of colour on your hair. Enough boost to cover your growing roots while being gentle enough to use three or four times per week. Always choose a colour boost shampoo that is close to your hair shade.

Must haves when colouring your hair at home:

  • Plastic gloves (to avoid colouring your hands and nails)
  • Vaseline (to coat your scalp, top of your ears and skin around your hair to protect it from the hair dye)
  • Wide tooth comb (to comb your hair and ensure the colour has spread evenly)

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Tips for colouring your hair:

  • Avoid colouring your hair the same day you washed it as the hair is still fresh and lacks natural oils that help hold the colour in your hair
  • Apply your hair colour from the re-growth area (roots) then spread it on the rest of the hair
  • Never use a second dye to correct your hair if the colour is not what you expected. This will damage your hair.