How beer can strengthen your natural hair

How beer can strengthen your natural hair

Keeping your hair strong and shiny during the winter months can be quite a difficult feat. As the air dries up, your hair is more prone to breakage and a dull appearance.

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One way to combat this is with beer. Yes, you read right beer can strengthen your natural hair. A beer rinse has been found to be great for natural hair. There are essential oils in hops that are rich in antioxidants which can fortify and strengthen the hair. Beer also contains B-vitamins and proteins which are great for conditioning.

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Here’s how beer can strengthen your natural hair:

You’ll need – 2 bottles of lukewarm beer (any beer is fine).

  1. Wash your hair with your normal shampoo/conditioner.
  2. Now take the beer and pour it all over your hair. Make sure that it covers each hair strand from root to tip.
  3. Let it sit in your hair for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Now rinse it out with warm water.
  5. Then towel dry your hair.
  6. Repeat this process once every 3 or 4 weeks.
  7. Let us know how well this works when you try it!