Anele Mdoda talks about her relationship with Heads and Shoulders


Yesterday, Head and Shoulders launched it’s new hair care range specifically for black women and Anele Mdoda is the ambassador for the new range.

The new Head & Shoulders African Hair & Scalp Care features a range of variants to address a multitude of hair and scalp care needs.  The line-up of products includes the known, clinically effective anti-dandruff actives ZPT (Zinc Pyrithione), Zinc Carbonate, as well as Octopirox. The range adapts to the unique and constantly changing needs of the African scalp from one hair wash to the next, providing a long-term solution to dandruff and itch

1. I don’t think my changing to natural hair is much of a transition as it is me just having phases where I’m like, ‘oh I feel like this now.’ I just got to a place where it was just easier to have my hair. I asked my hairstylist, ‘what can I do that I can just wake up and go and not have to put silicone or maybe hair dry and all of that’. You do get to a point where you realise that you are most beautiful when it’s actually your natural hair.

2. Out of all the things my mother taught me, it turns out she was right about this one. She always said, ‘don’t cover your face’. The quickest and easiest way to not cover your face is with natural hair.

3. My mum struggled with dandruff and she always used to say that it was the worst thing in the world having to brush it of your shoulders etc.

4. Head and Shoulders has now developed a product that’s specifically for us and they felt that I was the perfect person for it. In terms of target market, it’s us. We as South African black women are the target market. Whether or not you do have natural hair, these products work for you.

5. Let’s face it, your outfit will never pop if your hair is not right.