5 minutes with Africa International Hair Extravaganza founder, Fatima Cele


We chat to the founder of the Africa International Hair Extravaganza about the 2016 African Hair Awards.

ByFundiswa Nkwanyana

1.I started the African Hair Awards because I wanted to celebrate the African hair industry.

The aim of the awards is to give recognition to key players by recognising brands and individuals within the industry. I also want to promote ethical business practices for ethnic hair.

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2. Many people do not understand African hair and products.

The African hair industry is not regulated, yet it contributes billions towards the economy. But, there is a lot of misconception about African hair. By hosting such events, we aim to broaden our understanding of the industry and products. African hair is diverse and can be styled or worn in many different ways.

3. One day I would like to host the African Hair Awards across the continent.

The African hair industry is booming, and I want to start increasing consumer awareness across the continent. I also want to promote love and acceptance of ethnic hair by sharing information.

4. The 2016 African Hair Awards will take place on the 12 November.

The voting lines are open, and people can start voting for the nominees in the different categories. We will also have a hair extravaganza pop-up expo on the same day. The venue will be announced soon.