4 winter hacks for natural hair

Protect your hair from the harsh cold air

winter hacks for natural hair

Dry winter air can take a toll on your hair but with the right tips, you can avoid that. Here is what you can do to take better care of your natural hair. By Grace Mantjiu

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Try these winter hacks for natural hair to keep your hair looking and feeling healthy.

1. Hair Bonnet. It is important to have a nice satin hair bonnet that will keep your hair looking good. Satin hair bonnets are good for your hair as they trap in moisture, and most of all promote good ready- to- go hair. The bonnet keeps healthy well-nourished hair protected from drying and also prevents your pillows from ruining your new hairstyle. Our beauty editor recommends the Bibi Rouge Benmore bonnet.

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2. Braid your hair. Getting your hair braided or adding faux locs is a good way to protect your natural hair. That will keep your hair looking good and healthy for the entire duration of the winter days. Use products such as the Long & Lasting Braid & Dread Spray with Shine or ORS Olive Oil Black Castor Braid Spray to keep the braids fresh.

3. Scrunchie.  and elastics are super essentials to put your hair up and keep your hair looking good. A nice claw clip can also secure a good hair bun in seconds.


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4. Co-Wash. In case you decide to keep your natural hair free, it’s advisable to co-wash your hair to maintain good length and reduce shrinkage. Try Vatika Afro Naturals Co-wash, it gently removes residue without drying out your hair.