4 hair trends that are ruining your hair

4 hair trends that are ruining your hair

Some trends leave more of a lasting mark than others – here are the ones that are worst for your hair

Hair dye, hair bands, tight braids, which ones are the worst for your hair?

1. Doubling up. Too much of a good thing means disaster for your hair. As soon as you combine more than one chemical process (for instance, relaxing + colour or perm + colour) will compromise your hair to a great extent as the protein structure is altered. If your hair is overprocessed, you need to treat it with both protein and moisture to reinforce and ultimately repair it. If this sounds like you, speak to your hairdresser and they will be able to recommend something to help. But prevention is always better than cure, so rather leave some time between treatments.

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2. B(l)each babe. Bleaching your hair is the one chemical process that can ruin your hair all by itself if applied irresponsibly. If you over-bleach, it will lose the ability to retain moisture and become coarse and brittle. This is unfortunately the perfect condition for breakage, which has left many a bleached blonde with the need for an impromptu haircut. To preserve the integrity of your hair during bleaching, use regular moisturising treatments to maintain the condition of your hair.

3. Bone straight. If chemical straightening is too permanent, you can always turn to your flat iron right? Well, bad news, it might be damaging your hair. To combat heat damage, save up for a straightener with ceramic plates. And always, ALWAYS use a heat protection product.

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3. DIY fashion colours. Dyeing your hair a funky colour doesn’t necessarily mean your hair is going to end up ruined. But it does get tricky if you need to lighten your hair first. The bleach in pre-lightening kits can react unpredictably and leave you with a whole lot more problems than you bargained for.

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