4 fabulous ponytails to try


Ponytails aren’t just for convenience at the gym anymore; they are a go-to hairstyle for most celebrities such as Ciara and Khanya Mkangisa. Take your ponytail game to the streets in style by wearing it differently. By Grace Mantjiu

Here are 4 fabulous ponytails to try:

1. Fluffy pony. The two-lines hairdo will never be the same again. Adding the afro hairpiece creates a chic element to it. Mix different colours if you feel the basic black is boring.

Confidence Hair Afro Ponytail, R200

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2. Go for curls. The curly ponytail adds volume to your hairstyle. Add accessories such as colourful string, pearls or a piece of fabric to create a dramatic yet trendy touch.

Hairweave Masters Curly wig, R2 850

3. Afro puff. When going for this look, don’t just tie your hair up into a bun; add plaits in the middle or sides to give your hairstyle a bit of glam.

Confidence Hair Kinky Afro Ponytail, R200

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 4. Grey goals. Colour is everything this year and grey is the mother of all colours. Be brave and maybe even rock this look at the office. And, if you love an edgy look, add some safety pins, and be sure to turn heads.